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Nutritional Supplements

5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan)

5HTP combats mood swings and weight problems


ACF228 (breathe-easy inhaler)

ACF228 winning the war against free radicals


ACF228 (capsules)

ACF228 winning the war against free radicals



Andro Pro -the natural testosterone booster



BHT Pro — supplement your health with an antioxidant boost


Can-C (eye-drops)

Can C Eye Drops: Normalise Cataract impairment, without surgery


Can-C Plus (capsules)

Can-C Plus the NEW ultimate oral supplement for eye protection


Carnosine (L-carnosine)

Hold back time with Carnosine antiaging supplements


CoQ10 (CoQ10-SR)

CoQ10sr - for enhanced absorption of the natural cell energizer CoQ10


Curcumin (Curcumin-SR PRO)

Curcumin -the plant extract that is spicing up our health






Foodsafe Kit


Lithium Orotate (Lith-Pro)

LithPro -One Amazing Supplement with Three Essential Ingredients


L-tryptophan (L-Tryp-Pro)

L-tryptophan: the natural supplement that lifts your mood and treats depression



Enjoy renewed energy with Mito-Pro





Nano Silver

Silver Protein – showing its true worth in killing bacterial infections


Natural Medication For Skin Cancer Book

Curaderm BEC5 Cream is An Effective Non-Surgical Skin Cancer Treatment


Neo40 (saliva strips)

Nitric Oxide Test Strips -Uncovering your level of this essential molecule


NeyDent (toothpaste)

Neydent toothpaste: Daily defence for teeth and gums


Novisyn Plus (hyaluronan)

Soothe painful joints with Novisyn Oral hyaluronan