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Anti-Aging Peptides

Anti-Aging Peptides - Quality Dietary Supplements

Our range of peptides are a food-based nutritional supplement containing high-quality purified peptides from animal-derived sources. Peptides are short-chain amino acids that may help support repair and regeneration in the body. They were originally researched in Russia and used in the Russian army to keep soldiers in prime health and condition during war-times. Subsequently, they gained worldwide popularity and have helped many people stay in good shape. There are peptides for each major body function or organ. For example, choose Visoluten for the retina or Endoluten for the pineal gland. If you would like more information about our peptide bioregulators, please contact us. We can provide further information and links to the available research on these products.

Shop for high quality dietary supplements such as Zhenoluten Ovary Peptide from The Longevity Specialists. We are a trusted source of quality products at the best prices.

Zhenoluten Ovary Peptide

Zhenoluten Ovary Peptide is a protein peptide extract of ovary animal tissue formulated into a high quality dietary supplement.
$60 USD
Buy Joint Pro Peptide Relief Cream

JointPro Peptide Relief Cream

JointPro is a peptide based relief cream that can be applied topically for joint and muscle pains. May be helpful for sports recovery, injuries, inflammation and arthritis.


30ml Cream Pump

$35 USD

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